How will I know if my picture works?

Upload a good photo.

Follow our tips for our criteria. Every order is processed and reviewed by us after purchase. We'll reach out if there are issues.

You can read all our tips and tricks in our Image Guidelines.

When you're uploading your face photos, our software might show you potential common issues with the image (e.g. it will tell you if you're wearing glasses). This is how we prevent images from not working well prior to checkout.

Please follow the guidelines for uploading a good photo when ordering. What you upload is what you'll receive. Remember to look straight at the camera, find even and natural light, and use a large image size. Try to move hair out of your face, or it might appear in your mask. If you have a bunch of great photos, but you're uncertain about which one to use, you can always email us! We'd be happy to help.

When you're on the final checkout screen, you'll see blank masks. Don't worry! We'll have your photos linked to your order. We don't show you a "preview" or visualizer of what the mask will look like on you, since all of the magic warping happens after checkout. We also review all the orders that come in and make adjustments as necessary. 

The photos are anonymized during production. However, if we find one that isn't going to work, we will contact you, withhold sending it to our printers, and give you a chance to replace the image or reorder.

**Please note that our masks are custom products, so refunds and reprints are not possible unless due to a manufacturing defect. If you have specific questions about our refund or reprint policy, please feel free to email us prior to ordering.

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