Does the illusion work with beards?

We try our best to depict beards on masks by fading them into the edges.

When we first started out with our special image-warping process, we noticed that anyone who uploaded a picture with a beard would produce a mask with an abruptly sharp edge where the beard ends in the source photo. Since we only have a reference photo to work from for our process, and can't see the sides of your face, we don't know what your beard looks like from the side or under your chin! This original process tended to subtly break the illusion. 

The solution? We set ourselves to work on improving the illusion. We changed our process to blend the edge of what's visible of the beard into a solid color that matches the beard. That way, the edge of the beard smoothly fades into the rest of the mask without showing where the beard ends in the source photo. You can see the before and after process below.

Before Beard Processing

See how the beard has a sharp edge, with no hair on the side. This is based on the source photo, without additional blending.

 After Beard Processing

See how we added the light gray beard color to the chin and edges of the mask and blended it, so the illusion fades smoothly along to the sides of the mask and the chin piece.

We aim for hyper realism, but cannot create a 100% true replica.

Of course, our selfie masks aim for realism and an extreme likeness, but they cannot be an absolute copy of your face or beard. We can't copy each beard hair or the exact texture of your cheeks. We do our best based on the photo you give us and created software to get the proportions and skin tones realistic.

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**Please note that our masks are custom products, so refunds and reprints are not possible unless due to a manufacturing defect. If you have specific questions about our refund or reprint policy, please feel free to email us prior to ordering.

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