What is your refund or reprint policy?

Our masks are custom products, so refunds and reprints are not possible unless there is a concern with the mask that's due to a manufacturing defect.

We try our best to match skin tones, line up with your features, etc, but it's impossible to get a 100% perfect match of your face without seeing you in person, so we don't generally offer refunds based on an inaccurate skin tone or mismatch of proportions.

No cancellations are possible on orders once they have been reviewed and sent to production. Cancellations may be possible on a case-by-case basis.

After checkout, cancellations and refunds are not possible on any of the masks from our Curated Collection, as these masks go straight to the printer and there is no lag time between checkout and production.

We do not offer refunds due to masks not making your desired in-hands date. Please know that all dates and shipping times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed.

If you have specific questions about refunds or reprints, please feel free to send us a message prior to checkout.

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