What size are the masks?

Designed to fit sizes S/M/L.

Our masks are designed to fit a range of adult sizes. There's non-latex, soft elastic cord that stretches around your head, and it's adjustable with a cord stop. There's also a darted chin-piece that provides wiggle room for a range of face sizes and helps your mask stay in place while you're talking.

From the nose bridge to the bottom of the chin, our masks will fit lengths of 4" to 6" (10.11cm to 15.25cm).

If you think you'd wear a small, medium, or large, then these masks should work for you! If you think you're an extra-small or an extra-large, while the mask won't be too tight, you might find that it's too long or too short.

Our masks might be too big for anyone under age 12. We don't have kid sizes yet, but we might in the future. So let us know if you're looking for one!

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**Please note that our masks are custom products, so refunds and reprints are not possible unless due to a manufacturing defect. If you have specific questions about our refund or reprint policy, please feel free to email us prior to ordering.

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