Are there ear loops?

The masks come with adjustable elastic that fits around the back of your head, but these cords can be turned into ear loops.

Our masks have a long, non-latex, soft-knit elastic band that fits comfortably on the back of your head. You can loosen or tighten the mask through a cord stop. We found this design more comfortable and easier to take on and off. Similar to eyeglasses with a strap, you can also wear the mask around your neck and not worry about it falling off.

If you'd prefer to convert your mask to the ear loop style, the straps on our masks are very long so it's simple to turn them into ear loops. You would simply need to cut them down to size and tie them in a knot. To see an example of what that looks like, please click here.

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**Our masks are custom products, so refunds and reprints are not possible unless there is a concern with the mask that's due to a manufacturing defect.

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