Do the masks come with filters or a filter pocket?

Instead of filters, we use a high thread polyester outer layer and 100% cotton inner layer, which is a mask fabric recommended by the CDC.

Many masks in the market come with a filter pocket because they're made of thin polyester. Instead of asking you to provide filters, we made our masks out of thicker, higher-quality materials with higher thread counts that are still breathable.

A test to see if your mask is properly blocking nanoparticles is to hold it up to a lightbulb. If you can see bright light through it, the gaps in the fabric are letting air come in. And if you can't see bright light through it, it's doing a better job protecting you.

See the comparison to a generic fabric mask held in front of a light. Our mask is the first imageā€”the one that blocks more light, which means it's also blocking more germs and yucky particles.

That said, if you're more comfortable adding a filter, you can totally put one inside! There's no pocket, but there's enough room. You can also wear this over an existing mask (just don't try doing any strenuous exercise with two masks on!).

Note: Our masks are not to be used in place of surgical respirators or N95s. If you're using this in a medical setting, please wear our mask on top of your medical-grade mask.

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