Is there nose wire?

Instead of a nose wire, we designed a contoured nose dart, which feels similar to wire and keeps the mask from sliding.

Typically nose wire is added to flat-style masks* to give them a contour. Since our sewing pattern makes the mask very "shaped", we thought an additional piece of wire wouldn't be necessary and would have more downsides than upsides.

Sewing wire in could distort the illusion, and wire can sometimes get rusty and/or brittle over time. Having a broken piece of wire inside your mask is also something we want to avoid! The benefit to a mask without wire is that you can keep this mask for a really long time, and after many washes, it won't get gross.

This design also doesn't really fog up glasses, as long as you put your glasses on over your mask. (Our team has glasses-wearers!)

If you get the mask and still feel like you need a wire, there are places you can actually buy wire on an adhesive strip, which you can adhere to any mask.

*You can see what we mean by flat vs. shaped in the image below. Our mask is on the left, and a generic custom mask is on the right.

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